Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

On Friday at work, my office gave me those beautiful flowers as well as a lovely card. And then the cake debacle. LOLOL I am hideously allergic to nuts. I am “Can’t Eat Them Or I’ll Die” allergic. So the office manager says to me after I’ve blown out my candles that she had the HARDEST TIME finding me something becuase all the cakes at the bakery had nuts! So, she says proudly, I got this lemon meringue tart.

I laugh until I can’t breathe. No one else gets the joke until I say…

I guess this is the wrong time to tell you I’m also allergic to lemon?

Poor thing. LOL But it was pretty damn funny.

After that, my birthday weekend was a bit hectic. On Friday there was a gathering of pals at The Blue Room in Burbank. It was fun, but I knew so few people there and couldn’t drink, since I was driving, that I ended up only swapping Christmas gifts with TJ and then heading home.

Saturday was nuts. I ran around like mad trying to get everything done (and I did!) before my office Christmas Party on Saturday night. Oh, BOY. I’d tell you all about it, but I think everyone else would come after me. Let’s just say a lot of alcohol was consumed and leave it at that.

As you can tell, my attempt at NaBloWriMo was pretty much a failure in a spectacular way. *sigh* Ah, well. It was just something silly to do (or not). My cousin and I are working on projects for the family for Christmas, and we’ve been putting in a LOT of hours. And there will be more yet to come, as I still have work to do. And hopefully her Macs will behave. But 2/3 of the gift have been completed, so now it’s all on me. Yeah, no pressure there.

In the meantime, my poor cousin. She’s been wanting a curly scarf for ages. Remember this one? I cast on back in…um…February?

Well, it seems there’s been an accident. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I just got Fed. Up. With. This. Pattern. So I give you…Pink Alpaca Ramen…

She’ll still get a curly scarf (eventually), but not this pattern. I’ll have to play with a few to see what I like. In the meantime, here it sits…patiently waiting for me to find a use. Any suggestions?

Off to argue more with Flickr.

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