There I was on Sunday. Knitting my little fins off. Just zipping along with my simple stockinette shawl with a few periodic yarn overs. And as I often do, I stretched it out a bit so I could admire my skill with knitting needles, the sparkles in the yarn, and the simplicity of the pattern. Ahhh…look how pretty…

But wait…What’s that? I look closer. Why, I seem to have done two yarn overs instead of just one on the previous pattern row! How silly of me. I’ll just rip back this purl row and half of the pattern row, fix it and move on! Silly guppy. So I tink and tink and tink (all 203 stitches per row), fix the problem and knit on!

And away I go! Knitting my little fins off. Just zipping along with my simple stockinette shawl with a few periodic yarn overs. And as I often do, I stretched it out a bit so I could admire my skill with knitting needles, the sparkles in the yarn, and the simplicity of the pattern. Ahhh…look how pretty…

But wait…What’s that? I look closer…this time I realize that back when I tinked back (8 rows and an additional 40 stitches per row at this point) I didn’t fix the problem. It wasn’t TWO yarn overs I had noticed. What I had failed to realize was that my stitch marker had migrated one stitch at some point–at THAT point, to be precise–and so my yarn overs had migrated one stitch over, too. Greaaaat.

Next came the big decision:

Option 1: Tink back each stitch in each row until I reached the point that I could fix it. Then I did the math and realized that there were 2,230 stitches I would have to tink back

Option 2: Knit until I reach that stitch, and try laddering the stitches down to that point and fixing it that way. Then I realized that (a) I have no idea how to pick up a yarn over, (b) Even if I did I wasn’t sure if it would always be in that column of stitches, since the yarn over adds an increase, and most importantly (c) I was WAAAAY too tired to try to figure this out.

Option 3: Take the shawl off the needles, rip back to the appropriate point, and pray like hell I pick up all the stitches.

Option 3 it is! However, on Monday night I was once again too tired to attempt any Complicated Knitter Tricks. So I set it aside until Tuesday morning. Once I got into work (early again) I ripped back and picked up what I thought was all my stitches. There were a few I needed to adjust and turn the right way, but for the most part I got all 202 of those suckers! Wait…202…that’s not right. So I tinked back one more row to add the yarn over I forgot at the end of the last pattern row and counted again. 203.

And I counted again. 203.

And I counted a THIRD time because even though I was coming up with exactly the number I was supposed to, y’all know that you just can’t trust your knitting. It likes to mess with your mind.

Yup. Still 203.

And I’ve knit a couple of rows again and still have the right amount of stitches. (I think. I hope. I haven’t counted in a couple of rows.)

So I’ve repaired the damage and am now catching up. I still should be good to finish by the deadline. I really only have about 35 more rows to go. The problem is they keep getting significantly longer each time. LOL.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

This is your bunny…

This is your bunny on crack

This is your bunny after crack…

Any questions?

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

…Faster, Higher, Stronger…Let The Games Begin!

Unfortunately I was required to actually WORK yesterday (I know! The nerve!) so I could only cast on before I had to start working…

But after knitting on my lunch break and then all during the opening ceremonies, I went to bed with my shawl looking like this…

I’m nearly halfway done with the rows, but by the time I get to the last row, my stitch count will be nearly double what it is now. Of all three pictures, the first shows the actual color of the yarn best. 

Now, about those opening ceremonies…


This was the first time I really wished I was there. It was so spectacular with the drums and dancers. And did you see those “printing blocks”?! How do you learn something like that?! For that matter, how do you remember what to do?! I think one of my favorite things, though, was one of the simplest…the painting. The one the dancers inked with their hands and feet and then the kids made the happy face sun, and after the Parade of Nations and all the athletes had walked the color across…amazing

I went looking for the yarn for one of my other Olympic projects, and I discovered I don’t have as much as I thought I did. Drat! And because of the construction at Chez Guppy I can’t get at most of my stash to see if there’s something else I could use.

Ah, well. I have 17 16 days. I’ll think of something.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

…You open up your purse and realize that you’ve been carrying a ball of pink alpaca with you since Saturday. And that you haven’t had this project with you since that night. And that, apparently, you’ve been shifting it around your (small) purse all week without noticing. Until Thursday.

…You find stitch markers in the fridge…

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

I’m tired and at work WAAAAY too early, so today you get brain-fried random Tuesday. (It IS Tuesday, isn’t it?)

My mother is on Ravelry! LOL After years of having such different hobbies, it’s weird to share something like this. Although, she’s a crocheter and I’m a knitter, so still…different.

I owe you guys a bunch of pictures. I know! My camera has been working overtime at Chez Guppy. One of these days the stars will align and I’ll have everything I need to take pictures all in one spot. LOL.

Knitting update: I finished my Anthracite Shawl (pictures to follow shortly…I hope) and have started the Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Sivia Harding. I’m doing the scarf size in a skein of Soxie that I received as a “gift.” I love the pattern. I love the yarn WITH the pattern, but it is kicking. my. ass. I’ll knit like a demon for 2, 4, 6 rows…and then discover that 1, 3, 5 rows back I made an error and need to rip back. I just need to learn that I can’t knit this pattern while talking/tired/headache-y. Once I figure THAT out, I should be okay. I hope.

I’ve also joined the Ravelympics! I’m on both Team Browncoat and Team LaLa Land, and I’ll be competing in the Shawl Relay. I was at the Ventura County Fair on Saturday, and afterward we stopped at Anacapa for a little shopping. They recommended a pattern for a specific yarn that my friend was buying. And it turns out that it’s the same yarnI have one skein of that I’ve been TRYING to figure out what to use it for. This pattern will be beautiful with this yarn, and as it has a peace symbol worked into the yarnovers, it’s perfect for the Olympics and Olympic knitting. Doesn’t hurt that it’s a REALLY simple pattern. My challenge will be knitting on it enough that I actually finish.

I am both dreading and excited about the Beijing Olympics. I am worried for the health and safety of any protesters who try to make a statement about the human rights issues. And then on top of that, the games the Beijing/Chinese politicians are playing with the IOC and the journalists. They’ve broken promise after promise and the IOC doesn’t seem to care. Really, this close to the games is there really anything they CAN do? It’s not like the IOC can say at this late date “Fine. You’re not doing what you said? Then we’re not coming!” And I think the journalists are feeling the same way. The Chinese government said the press would have unlimited access to the internet, etc. and when they got there the government said “yeah, unlimited access to anything relating to the games. We never said unlimited access to EVERYthing.” So the press is having their internet access not only limited and restricted, but monitored as well.

On the flip side, I’m an Olympic Games slut. LOL Winter, summer, doesn’t matter. LOL I’ll watch as much as I can. That’s why the Ravelympics are great…built in knitting time! YAY!

My good pal Robyn got married a couple of weeks ago, and I was lucky enough to see her professional wedding photos. She was a beautiful, glowing bride and her husband is a handsome and lucky fellow! They both look so amazingly happy in every single picture.

I think that’s it…for now.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

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