I blame The Yarn Harlot. That’s right, Ms. Pearl-McPhee, I’m looking at you, and I’m saying it. It’s all your fault. I have had absolutely ZERO interest in colorwork. None. Nada. Never gonna happen. Looks complicated, fiddly, and (knowing my knitting self pretty well) boring.

Then you went and did it. You started talking about SpillyJane Mittens. *sigh* Have you people SEEN SpillyJane Mittens? She has beer…and cupcakes…and owls! She has FISH MITTENS, for cripes’ sake!

Now I want to knit them all, but consider these facts:

1. I live in the Los Angeles area. Where it is January 28 and it has been in the high 70s for two weeks.

2. It doesn’t get cold enough for what are essentially double-knit mittens.

3. Even if there are Flamingoes.

4. I’ve never done any type of colorwork ever before, so maybe this isn’t the best thing to start on.

5. I also don’t knit socks, even if they do match.

And still here I sit. Surfing through SpillyJane’s collection of patterns trying to decide which pair I should start with first.

Oh, and Stephanie and SpillyJane have also managed to tempt my Knitting Pal Robin. So if you think about it, Stephanie is really just a dealer, and apparently the SpillyJane collection are the really good drugs.

Off to surf Ravelry for more mittens I don’t need.

Oh, wait…she includes a fingerless option…Hmmmm…

Send help.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

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