If I can admit to liking Air Supply, I can admit to loving this book, right? This book reminded me of a lot of the early Harlequin Presents with the asshole boss who accuses the secretary of stealing and doesn’t listen. In fact, at the beginning of the book I was flashing back to a classic: Judith McNaught’s Double Standards. At the end when Nick…Well, I won’t spoil either book. However, with Baby, It’s Cold Outside, the secretary wasn’t a shy virgin and the asshole hero wasn’t always an asshole, and you never feel like at some point the cops are going to need to be called to protect the heroine from the hero.

My biggest complaint with this book is Linc doesn’t do NEARLY enough groveling. I know. I know. I’m a Grovel Slut, and there’s never enough to suit me, but what Linc does to Thea was pretty bad, and I don’t think he fully realizes HOW bad it was. Yeah, he had reasons, but he still handled the situation completely wrong and I felt he needed to recognize it. And learning about his childhood, while it made me sympathetic towards him, wasn’t enough to make up for him not crawling for Thea. I’m hoping we get Chelsea’s book, because there’s a backstory there I’m really interested in learning more about.

Thea for her part forgives him a little too easily. There were several points in the book where I would have had Linc physically removed if any guy behaved the way he did. Since we got glimpses into this temper and backbone Thea supposedly has, I would have liked to have seen more of it.

Basically, I just wanted this to be a full-length book. LOL. I think it would have done much better in a longer format. And possibly even more grovel.

All that said, I still really enjoyed it. And the opening scene was pretty damn hot.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Grovel Issues
aka The Fish With Sticks

Rating: 3.5

The biggest problem I have with Vivian Arend’s books are reading them in public without someone reading over my shoulder and being scandalized by all the hot sex. LOL  I’m all for it, but sometimes it’s best if I don’t read her stories in public, IfYaKnowWhatIMean.

If you’ve read the Marked anthology, you’ve seen glimpses of certain parts of Baby, Be Mine, but it can absolutely stand on its own. This book starts out with Gage finally seeing Katy Thompson as a grown woman and not just little Katybug. Things progress rapidly, as she’s finally dumped Simon, her asshat of a boyfriend. The problem being Gage leaves the next day for six months in the middle of nowhere working in the oil fields. They have a narrow window of time and they’ll take it!

Then disaster strikes. And the fates conspire to keep Gage and Katy apart for a little while. Just long enough for her to be injured, get amnesia, and not remember how she got pregnant. WHOOPS!

I love Vivian Arend and her writing. She writes people you just want to sit around and have a beer with, maybe play some pool, have a barbecue. The romance is always wonderful and the sex…*fans self*…Well. Let’s just say she doesn’t need any pointers on how to write sex scenes. LOL. For that matter, highly emotional scenes don’t seem to give her any problems either.

If you’ve been reading my reviews for any length of time, you know I LOVE Novellas. LOVE them. They’re like my book crack. I have a ton of them and I am an absolute sucker for a novella of any kind, but the good ones are SO AMAZINGLY GOOD. J.D. Robb’s Midnight in Death was so intense I remember having to put it down and walk away to literally catch my breath. Shannon Stacey’s Mistletoe and Margaritas makes me sob BUCKETS when I read it. I think this book will stay pretty high on my list of favorites, along with those.

Ms. Arend has made me fall in love with Gage, and then she broke my heart. Gage is amazing and supportive and wants nothing more than to love and protect Katy forever, and there comes a point in this story where it becomes…difficult…for him to do so. But it doesn’t stop him completely. He just gets creative to do whatever he can and as much as he can because Gage’s love for Katy won’t let him do anything else. Even when confronted physically, he only uses his strength to protect, and never to deliberately inflict harm. On anyone.

And what can I say about Katy? After everything that has happened to her, it’s amazing she has so much trust and faith in Gage. She loves him and trusts him and nothing shakes that faith, even when she can’t remember details. She and Gage end up doing something so difficult, so incredibly heartbreaking and difficult, and they do it because they know at the end, it’ll be worth it. It totally broke my heart for Gage and Katy, and I’m not sure I’ll forgive Ms. Arend for making me cry like that.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m a total slut for her books. We all know I’ll be back as soon as she has a new ARC for me to pounce on.

Lynda the Guppy
aka A Fish With An Arend Addiction
aka The Fish With Sticks

Rating: 4 Stars

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