Looking Back at 2018

January 4, 2019

Today I’m taking a look back on what I did in 2018. It’s mostly about my reading stats, but there’s some other info, too.

I worked as a precinct inspector for three elections this year. The last two elections I had really awesome clerks. As much as this introvert hates dealing with that many people, I love working the elections. I love seeing all these people come out and participate in the system, and I especially love watching new voters vote for the very first time.

This is my Instagram Top 9. As you can see, there’s a lot of my Wonder Woman scarf. And, my favorite, is Jo and I during the trip to San Diego right in the middle. It’s mostly knitting-related photos, which is funny because I didn’t knit much this year.

A collage of 9 pictures. Left to right and top to bottom: Wonder Woman scarf completed on a black table; Wonder Woman Scarf on a white comforter; A repost of JustRunKnit's photo of a blue shawl; A repost from O_wow_Waite of author Jess Russell at the RWA Rita awards wearing a skirt with the image of every nominated book printed on it; Me and Jo in San Diego; Wonder Woman scarf in progress; A close up of my face with the Welcome to Stitches sign; A collage of various pics of my mom; Figure skaters with the woman spinning in the air parallel to the ice and the text "So you catch Footballs in your sport? Aww. That's cute."

Speaking of what I knit this year, I only finished 4 things this year. My Antarktis shawl, Wonder Woman scarf, Honey cowl, and my Find Your Fade shawl. I wear my fade shawl A LOT. It’s pretty much with me everywhere. Because I did the scarf pattern, but used a lot more yarn, mine is more shawl-like than scarf-like.

A collage of 4 pictures. Clockwise from top left: Antarktis shawl folded and knit in a bright blue yarn with some purple specks; Honey Cowl in a multi-colored yarn; Wonder Woman scarf which looks like the Wonder Woman symbol. Knit with red on the top, then yellow W logo, and blue on the bottom; Find your Fade shawl knit in 10 miniskeins of a rainbow colors with black.

Here are a few of the things I’ve started knitting this year and are still languishing on the needles. And of course my Citron is still in progress. I’d knit on it more, but the rows are SO DAMN LONG at this point. Ugh.

A collage of four pictures. Clockwise from top left: The cuff of a ribbed mitt in blues and purple; the start of a hot pink shawl; the start of a purple shawl in a half moon shape; and the another purple and black shawl about halfway a long

I also did some cross stitch at the end of the year. Just a couple ornaments, and I can’t find the Santa I finished, darn it! It’s really cute, too.

A square with four images, but it's the same two pictures are repeated in alternate corners. Upper left & bottom right is a cross stitched snowman with a hat and scarf stitched on a wooden ornament; Upper right and lower left is a Christmas tree with blue, pink, and green striped "leaves" and at the bottom it says "Merry & Bright"

Professionally, I edited/proofed 479,269 words. And for series bibles it was 772,287 words. Which means for work I read 1,251,556 words. That…seems like a lot. But really it wasn’t. I’m shooting for more for next year.

SHAMELESS PLUG: I have openings for edits in February, or if anyone needs a series bible done, e-mail me for rates and info.

As for my reading, I have a bunch of interesting stats. At least they’re interesting to me. LOL. I read 228 books this year. My original goal was 250, but sometime in September I knew I wouldn’t hit that, so I changed my goal to 200. Out of the 228 books, 104 were new reads and 124 were re-reads. I knew it would be close between new and re-reads, but I think this is the first year I re-read more than read new.

38 books of the 228 were from authors of color. There may have been more, but those are the only authors I know for sure. I wish I could say I read more individual authors, but really most of those were me glomming Shelly Laurenston and Holley Trent. And now I have Farrah Rochon’s backlist to go through in 2019.

I read 42 audio books, 182 digital books (mostly Kindle and the rest ARCs/manuscripts), and 4 physical books which total over 64,000 pages.

My shortest book was Tabula Rasa by Ophelia Bell (30 pages) and my longest is the Desert Guards compilation by Holley Trent (1,175 pages). The oldest book I read was The Vow by Dallas Schulze, which is a Silhouette Intimate Moments from 1989. The most popular book I read was Becoming by Michelle Obama. No surprise there. LOL. According to GR, 45,850 other people also read it.

The books I’ve read twice this year are:

Kristen Ashley: Rough Ride, Rock Chick Reawakening, and The Hookup

Shelly Laurenston: In a Badger WayBeast Behaving Badly

Dana Marie Bell: Sorry, Charlie

Lila Rose: Breakout

Suzanne Wright: Lure of Oblivion, Wild Hunger


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Yarn Crawl LA 2014: The Bad

April 15, 2014

On Friday I talked about all the fun I had on the Yarn Crawl this year. Now I’m turning the attention to The Bad. I had a lot of issues this year with the Crawl and the organizers, and I’m going to put them all out here.

The TL:DR verison: Social media campaign was nonexistent, Stephanie from Unwind called all the crawlers “Crazy” and said organizing the stores was like “herding cats,” and as a result I won’t shop there anymore. Ever.

The unabridged version:

I noticed in all my travels that attendance was WAY down from last year. It was obvious to everyone. Part of that is probably the economy, but I think a lot of it is how the organizers of the event promoted the event. Or should I say didn’t promote the event.

Maybe it’s because my business is working in social media, but their social media campaign this year was horrible. The Twitter presence leading up to the Crawl was practically nonexistent. The last Tweet from the account was March 7. An entire MONTH before the Crawl started. Before that, February 28. They had a total of 21 tweets between the last tweet of last year and the end of this year’s crawl. By comparison over the previous two crawls, there were 843 total tweets.

And the Ravelry forum? Even worse! People were posting questions and not getting any answers. The Crawlers themselves had to contact various people, pool their information, and take their best guess at what they thought the answers were. On the Facebook page they were (slowly) putting up “Shop Spotlights” and promised the Ravelry users they’d post them there, too. In one day they posted 7 Shop Spotlights. Out of 29 (28?) stores. And then that was it. Nothing else. And not just that they didn’t post any other Shop Spotlights, they DIDN’T POST ANYTHING ELSE on Ravelry. Those 7 Spotlights were posted on March 25, and nothing else was heard from the official LA Yarn Crawl account on Ravelry after that.

At 1:00 p.m. on the last day of the Crawl, when all the stores were going to be open for at least 5 more hours, the official YCLA Facebook page posted this:

See you next year crawlers, it was a blast! Please answer the following – Yarn Crawl LA 2014 was… (link to actual post)

Needless to say, a few responses were along the lines of “Still going on!” What the heck? If I was a crawler considering going out and hitting one or two stores at the last minute, I wouldn’t have gone after seeing that post. I would have assumed it was over.

But here’s the coup de grace. The part that if I was a store I’d be furious. As an attendee of all three years of the crawl, it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve read the article and I’m STILL frothing at the mouth angry. There was an LA Weekly article which the YCLA Facebook page happily promoted. “Huge! LA Weekly article on Yarn Crawl L.A. County!”

This article could not have possibly been more condescending and dismissive of the Crawlers. As much as I hate driving people to their site, here’s the full article.

First off, the two people “interviewed” in this article are Stephanie from Unwind and Libby who I believe is in charge of the PR for the Crawl.

Steinhaus says. “It’s a lot of work. We have to recruit the sponsors, the wholesale vendors who provide the gift baskets, the shops. Coordinating 30 entrepreneurs who are used to running their shop their own way? It’s like herding cats, trying to corral them into a joint effort.”

I may be wrong, but it’s possible telling the world trying to get the stores to do something is like “herding cats” is maybe not the best way to get them to do something.

What is crazy? Crazy is the 30 people last year who drove to all 30 stores. “That is not enjoyable,” Butler-Gluck insists. “Because I know I was racing to get 15 stores done. You’d see a car pull up, five women would run in, buy one ball of yarn, then fly out.”

Crazy is crawlers traveling in packs. They assemble in teams of five or eight or 10, with matching T-shirts. Perhaps they met at previous crawls, or on (“like Facebook for knitters,” Butler-Gluck says). They skip work, or call in sick.

Crazy is renting minivans, carpooling routes that have been planned via Excel spreadsheet, and taking turns behind the driver’s seat so that no one loses a full day of knitting time.

I’m one of those 30 people. The first two years of the Crawl I went to all the stores. I EASILY went to all the stores. The first year was a combination of my knitter friends and my mom. In fact, my mom and I went out one day when it was just the two of us. The Crawl was in April and she passed away that July, and I treasure those two days she crawled with me, but especially the one day we went solo. We had a lot of fun and created memories which I think about all the time. It didn’t feel “crazy.”

But regardless of my mother’s condition, that first year, and the year after, was amazing fun! Trying to plan the best routes, who is going in which cars, what did everyone buy? What stores did everyone see? Any great events? There’s a huge social aspect to events like this, and to belittle it all and call us (your CUSTOMERS) “crazy” is insulting at the very least. I know it was a lot of driving to hit all the stores, but I planned well and each day I was done by 4-5. The first day last year I hit something like 8-9 stores and was done by 2:00 p.m. So to say it’s “crazy” and “not enjoyable” is just a crock. It may not have been enjoyable FOR HER, but don’t put that generalization on the rest of us. I know I had fun, and I’m betting the other 28 people did, too.

As a direct result of this article, I didn’t go to all the stores again. I could have. I work from home and could have arranged my schedule without any difficulty to hit all the stores for the third year in a row. Except I didn’t. If the organizer of the event thinks it’s “crazy” for me to shop at all the stores, then why should I bother? Apparently Stephanie and Libby I’m clearly not right in the head to want to do this, so I just kept myself and my money mostly at home and in my wallet this year. I went to 10 stores this year out of 29 (28?). I bought yarn at four of them.

Of course, even if I DID go to all the other stores for the Crawl, I still would have been one short, because I’ll never set foot in Unwind again.

Retailer motivations are less of a mystery. “Last year, sales-wise,” Steinhaus starts to say, then grabs a calculator from the register. “I just wanted to check my numbers,” she explains. “The four days of the crawl last year? We did 95 percent more business than any other regular four days. That’s not an exaggeration. Everyone I can get to be friendly and smile, I put to work.”


All in all, Steinhaus sold 291 balls of yarn associated with the special scarf.

“Which is,” she adds, “kind of crazy.”

If she thinks her customers are “crazy” and going to all the stores is “not enjoyable,” according to her good friend Libby, why should I waste my time and energy on participating? If this what she thinks of her customers, customers who brought in 95% MORE business, and who bought 219 skeins of yarn to make this scarf by Stephen West, then I see no reason to continue to support her or her store.

I’m sure other stores will happily accept my “crazy” money.

Lynda the Guppy
aka An Infuriated and Insulted Fish With Sticks
aka The Fish With Sticks

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Yarn Crawl LA 2014: The Good

April 11, 2014

This past weekend was YCLA, aka Yarn Crawl Los Angeles. For the third year in a row, for 4 days in April nearly 30 yarn stores come together and throw a party for all those who love yarn. There are special events and collectible pins from each store, and visiting all these yarn stores you’ve never been to before with all your knitter friends. It’s an amazing, if expensive, 4 days, and usually worth all of it.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting YCLA: The Bad, but today I choose to tell you all about the fun which was had. I won’t be listing ALL the stores we went to, just the highlights.

First stop on Thursday was A Major Knitwork. Last year A Major Knitwork had this fantastic sign out front, and I was pleased to see they brought it back.


Then it was across the parking lot to the Yarnover Truck where I realized I once again matched my yarn to my clothes.


You’d think this would be a one-off thing, but no. Here’s a hat I worked on this past winter and the top I was wearing that day.


Okay. Back to the Crawl. That was it for Thursday. Friday my only stop was to meet my friend Heather at Creative U Studios. I’m taking a class there, so I’ve been up at Creative U pretty regularly lately. I wasn’t going to buy anything, but they had this Dream in Color with Cashmere that was a fantastic raspberry pink. It had to come home with me.

Then I remembered Amanda was having an Atenti Trunk Show. I love Atenti bags. They’re made out of beautiful, interesting materials in fabulous color combinations. I wasn’t going to buy one on Friday, because I knew Saturday I was going out with my friends and that was the day I’d spend the most. I was TRYING to be good, so after some internal back and forth I decided to walk away. If, at the end of Saturday, I felt I still wanted the bag, I’d call Amanda and she’d see if they still had it. If not, she’d order for me.

Yeah, that lasted until I got out to my car. LOL. Sat for a minute and realized I was going to want the bag at the end of the day tomorrow, so why risk it not being there. Back into the store I went and walked out with this….

YCLA14_Day2_AtentiI’m VERY picky about what I use on long days like I had on Saturday, and I took a chance on this bag and I don’t regret it for a moment. It held everything I needed and then some, and it did it stylishly and comfortably. Can’t ask for more than that. Also, I took a look at the construction of the bag, and it is quality all the way. I love it.

Saturday was our “big” day. Saturday was the day four of us from my regular knitting group (Heather, Kara, Amy, and myself) left early…Ohhhh so early…


Coffee was up first (a necessity that early on Saturday morning) and then off to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. I must say, out of all the stores I’d been to over these past three Yarn Crawls, Alamitos Bay really did an amazing job with their store. It started with the parking which was coned off and marked for Yarn Crawlers Only. From there they had their back door opened and had a Candyland theme. They had squares laid out for you to follow, a Gingerbread Man for you to take a selfie with (for another entry in another contest), and then filled their store with candy (real and decorative) and embraced the entire theme. They way the flow was changed, it allowed people to go in and browse and then pay, get their passports stamped, and enter any contests as they were heading to their cars. It was really well done. I hope they continue this layout each year, because it really worked.

In the parking lot we saw these ladies! Their entire car was yarn bombed and it was incredible.


Before lunch we stopped at a new-to-me store, The Knitting Tree in Culver City. The Knitting Tree is run by Annette who used to be one of the owners of A Mano Yarn Center. (*sigh* I still miss A Mano). Anyway, her new store is a happy, fun, well-stocked, interesting store. I’d expect nothing less from her. It was wonderful to see her again, and she was practically glowing when she told me she and her business partner Bruce were getting married!

YCLA14_Day3_AnnetteBruceThis is the store where I. Cleaned. House. I have a weakness for Madelinetosh as you know, if you’ve spent any time here, and they had a ton of it. I was looking to knit two kid sweaters (a baby and a toddler) and needed to find the right colors, and she had them in spades. I may have also purchased one or two skeins for myself. Maybe.

We had a fantastic lunch at Paco’s Tacos (Thanks for the recommendation, Leo! You were right! Best tacos ever!) and two more stops and then we all hit the wall. We were exhausted! I was home by about 6:30 and asleep by 8:00 p.m. That’s right. Little Miss Night Owl was asleep by 8:00 p.m. on a Saturday night.

The four of us had an amazing time. We all enjoyed a gorgeous day hanging out with fellow Yarnies and singing bad 80s music at the top of our lungs. If you think we all resisted belting out the chorus to “Living on a Prayer,” at the top of our lungs, well…you don’t know us very well, do you? At one point we were all laughing so hard we were crying.

Sunday Alyson and I went to one of my favorite stores: Colors 91711. They’re always so friendly and it’s a charming, well-stocked, happy store. Sadly, I didn’t purchase anything this time, but that’s pretty rare for me. Colors is the only store EVER where I have checked out their sample and bought both the yarn their sample was knit with IN THE COLOR THEY USED. Seriously. That NEVER happens with me. And not only did they do it ONCE, they did it TWICE. Amazing.

Everybody scored some amazing yarn this year. Through various sale racks at several shops, Heather walked away with enough yarn to make 3 separate sweaters (one with a yarn with about 15% cashmere) and collectively spent significantly less than I spent buying Cascade 220 for my one CustomFit sweater. I bought a ton of Madelinetosh for baby sweaters, and a few random skeins of other yarns for myself. Amy found some Berocco Vintage she had been looking for and got a great deal on it, also in a sweater quantity.

All in all an amazing and fun time was had. The stores were all friendly and excited to meet the Crawlers and the Crawlers were happy to be out and meeting so many new people and stores. It was a ton of fun, but I have to say I’m pretty happy with my 2014 YCLA Stash. I didn’t go overboard like I have in the past, but I still bought a bunch of stuff and I don’t regret any of it.

I especially don’t regret my new bag.

Tomorrow: YCLA: The Bad. You’ve been warned.

Lynda the Guppy
aka A Fish With a SABLE* Problem
aka A Fish With Sticks

*SABLE = Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.



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Is It Finished Yet?

April 2, 2014

Last week at knitting one of our friends had started a shawl. Just a basic shawl, but she’s using two contrasting colors. It looked like it was about 20 rows of dark blue and 20 rows of a wildly variegated yarn. It was fun and looked gorgeous, but she’s a new knitter (though she’s crocheted since she was young) and was carrying the yarn up the sides because she hates weaving ends.

Maridee showed it to the group and asked our opinions on whether to carry up the sides or rip it back and reknit, starting each section with new yarn. To be honest, I don’t think we even let her finish her question. Yes, she absolutely had to rip it back. No, she couldn’t keep carrying the yarn. She was disappointed, but she knew it was the right decision, she was just hoping we’d tell her what she wanted to hear. While we understood and empathized, no, we weren’t going to let her get away with it.

Friends don’t let friends knit badly.

That started a whole discussion on weaving in ends and blocking. I was the oddball of the group. I mentioned I loved finishing. I loved taking that finished object and weaving in all the ends. And blocking! I love blocking, too. I don’t do it too often, because furniture needs to be moved when I do, so I let it pile up, but I love it. I love the transformation knitted things go through when blocked, or even just washed and laid flat. Blocking is magic!

Heather stared at me a little confused. “It’s weird. You’re saying the same things about finishing I do, but…you sound CHEERY about it. I don’t understand.”

Me, happily: I let all the finishing pile up and then I’ll turn on the TV and sit for a few hours until it’s all done!

Her, grumpily: I let all the finishing pile up and then I’ll turn on the TV and sit for a few hours until it’s all done!

Me, happily: I weave in all the ends, and then it’s finally finished!

Her, grumpily: I weave in all the ends, and then it’s finally finished!

Tone is everything. I was mocked a little, but in a way only good friends do. And I KNOW Heather is trying to figure out a way to get me to do her finishing in the future. (Nice try!)

What about you? Do you love weaving in ends? Do you loathe it and wish you could get someone else to do it for you? Do you let them pile up and get them all done in one fell swoop, or do you do them as soon as the knitting/crocheting is done?

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Finishing is Fun Fish
aka The Fish With Sticks

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Call Me The Bag Lady (2 of 30)

November 2, 2012

I have a confession to make. I was a Ziploc Knitter. You know the kind. Someone who has a ton of different little bags and pouches in That Drawer every knitter has. The one filled with little bags and pouches and 17 tape measures you can never find and a half-dozen yarn cutters even though you usually end up hand-breaking the yarn because you never have one with you. That Drawer. 

Even though I had all those little bags and pouches, the only one I really used with any regularity was the Stuff It Sack from Tom Bihn. And I did like it. It was a good size, shape, had a cord lock on the drawstring so it wouldn’t accidentally open and dump everything out in your purse. Let’s face it, though. It was boring. Just plain grey fabric. Snooze. 

Last Christmas my Tuesday Knitting Group had gift exchange. The rules were spend less than $10 and/or feel free to stash dive. I don’t remember who gave me my first Slipped Stitch Studios project bag, (Maridee?), but it was this great, but subtle, Day of the Dead fabric. It didn’t scream LOOK! SKULLS! It was perfect. It was an excellent size and shape. It held what I was working on easily. I could toss it in my purse and not worry about the contents. I totally and completely fell in love. Next I bought myself a couple that had movie monsters like Werewolves and Frankenstein’s monster. I picked up one in the sock size and one in the 2-skein size, which was the size Maridee(?) had given me. 

At this point I had come to realize nearly everyone in my knitting group had AT LEAST one bag from Laura, and mom was trying to steal the Day of the Dead bag every time I wasn’t looking. 

 Then…The L.A. Yarn Crawl. I might have sort of maybe gone a little insane. A little bit.


I bought 14 bags. 

You heard me. 14. 

Now, before you all flip out, not ALL of them were for me. In self-defense, I had purchased a number of them for mom so she would stop trying to steal mine. It didn’t work. She kept trying. LOL. 

Since then, I’ve added a Halloween bag, and then here’s where Laura knows how to get me. 


My geeky little knitter’s heart nearly exploded.

Here’s all my goodies. Feel free to click to make them bigger…on the outside this time. LOL

Sock bag… 

2-skein bag…

Pattern Wallet…

And magnets for the Pattern Wallet…

Stitch Markers. How cute are these?!…

Tin Box…

And since Van Gogh is my favorite artist EVER, and Starry Night is one of my favorite paintings EVER, and I found out Laura’s doing a “Vincent and Doctor Who” Bag of the Month? Oh, dude. I’m SOOOOO THERE. I’m so there I put in my order with her before she ever announced what was included or the prices. LOL.

Fabric gimmicks aside, I really love these bags. I haven’t used any ziplocs since I bought enough bags for my “regular” projects. They’re well made and the perfect sizes for your different knitting projects. 

 Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks
aka The Fish With The Bag Addiction

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