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I accept review copies of books and e-books from publishers and authors directly and also via sites such as NetGalley. My reviews are honest and my own and are not influenced in any way by the manner in which the book is obtained. My acceptance of a book does not guarantee a book is reviewed, as a book may not be reviewed for a variety of reasons.

I reserve the right to post reviews which can be anything from glowing, gushing praise to scathing diatribes and everything in between. You have been warned.

If you write Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, or Knitting books (What? I knit.) or books in similar genres please CONTACT ME to provide me with all the book information as well as a blurb, a sample, and a link to your website.

I have been occasionally known to read Historical Romances, but it is pretty rare. If you’d like to try submitting your Historical Romance anyway, I have a guest blogger who might try you out. I do not read Fantasy, Steampunk, SciFi or Futuristic genres of any kind.

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