Wolf Rain, Nalini Singh

I have a guest reviewer here at the Fishbowl today. My friend Lillie. She is a huge Nalini fan, so she graciously volunteered to read and review Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh. for me. Here you go…

I was so incredibly excited when Nalini Singh posted the blurb for Wolf Rain. A new type of empath! I love all the books with the empaths so revisiting them with something new had my expectations high. And this book more than exceeded those expectations.

Memory’s journey to find herself and discover her own self-worth in turns broke my heart and brought fierce joy. She’s now one of my favorite heroines of the series. I wasn’t surprised that I loved her. We often hear about authors writing the book of their heart. In Wolf Rain, Nalini Singh somehow managed to write the book of my heart. It has everything I love.

The surprise for me came from Alexei. I didn’t have any feelings toward him one way or the other prior to this book. I remembered him as a pretty playboy type. But things had happened in Alexei’s life since the last time we saw him on the page. Singh delves deeper into the rogues in Changeling society, something that has been briefly mentioned in past books, an illness that even with all the advances in medical care they now have, Changelings don’t understand how or why it happens. They only know the devastation it leaves behind. And Alexei is part of that devastation. I was just as invested in his journey to forgiveness and trust. And how the things he had faced made him the perfect hero for Memory.

After Heart of Obsidian I questioned what kind of realistic external conflict we could expect to see in this world now that the most powerful person in the world was on the side of good. We’re still seeing them deal with the corrosion of the PsyNet but what else? Wolf Rain starts laying the building blocks for the next big bad in the PsyChangeling world, and while I can’t yet see where exactly we’re going with it, I can’t wait to follow.

Thanks, Lillie, for the great review! I might just have to try this new trilogy. Readers, here’s a secret: Lillie often tells me what to read. I’ve given up arguing with her. It may take me a while, but I always read what she recommends to me.

If you want to keep up with Lillie, she can be found on Twitter talking books, which Chris is the best Chris, and the cows that showed up in her front yard late one night. 

Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh, Stephanie Laurens

Guppy Note: While at the RT Convention WAAAAAAAY back in May, I was lucky enough to get an ARC for this book. Unfortunately, I rarely read historical romances, but my cousin is a fan of both the genre and Ms. Laurens, so she pounced on the book and decided to try her hand at reviewing.

Be gentle. It’s her first time.

Well this is my first attempt at a book review so bear with me…Before I decided to review the latest Cynster Novel by Stephanie Laurens I thought I should re-read some of the books prior and any I hadn’t yet read to re-familiarize myself with the main characters and to get into the Cynster mind-frame.  I had forgotten how much I missed these books.

All told I re-read 6 books before I decided I was ready for The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh so when I finished the book I was sorely upset when it didn’t reach out and hold my attention like all the books leading up to it.  Now this could be that perhaps I read too many Cynster novels in a short time, or what makes a Cynster novel a CYNSTER novel just wasn’t there.  If you have read any of the Cynster books or even the Bastion Club books by Stephanie Laurens you know what I am talking about: the strong male that you sometimes want to bash upside the head, the female who knows she is in the right but still manages to screw something up and you laugh out loud at scenes or you sniffle through others.  For some reason this book just didn’t hit those marks for me.  We had heard about both Mary and Ryder in the books leading up to this and I couldn’t wait for the book to come out knowing Ryder was going to be an interesting character and that strong-headed Mary would be his match. Perhaps some of the lack of entertainment in this book was missing because there were so many scenes when other characters were taking the main lead and you had to get through those scenes to get back to Ryder and Mary.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed catching up with everyone (as I always do), but like I said something was just missing for me.

I look forward to the next Cynster novel and maybe this time I won’t re-read so many books prior and maybe I will love that book like I have loved so many others.