Willing Sacrifice, Joey W. Hill

This review was originally posted at Wicked Lil Pixie
on August 5, 2013

This was an interesting book. When I first heard Ms. Hill wrote another Knights of the Boardroom book, I was confused. Who was left? She had already written about all five Knights of the Boardroom, and I was unsure where she was going. I found out this book featured Janet, the Admin for Matt Kensington, and Max, driver for Matt’s company and Dana Winston’s regular driver. Now I was REALLY confused. I had always had the impression that Janet was much older than Matt and the Knights. I always thought she was in her sixties at least. Obviously I was wrong. This isn’t the first time, either. Some day ask me how long it was before I realized Draco Malfoy was a blonde. (Spoiler: The first movie. I was pretty stunned.)

Once I readjusted my image of Janet, I got sucked into the book, just as I have all the Knights books. In this one, Janet is the Domme and Max is the sub…kind of. LOL He’s a little too alpha to truly sub for Janet, but she pretty much tops him all the time. Even when she lets him be in charge, it is clear that it is at HER discretion and HER wish. It’s nice to see that role reversal once in a while, and it was a bonus that it was done well. Max was allowed to be the strong and tough former Navy SEAL and Janet could be the damaged Domme and neither of them really played head games. They allowed the other the time and space and support needed for each to work through their individual issues.

I’ve been reading this series since the first book came out, and I’ve enjoyed every book. Because these stories are often so intense, they tend to focus mostly on the couple, and the other Knights and their women show up only sporadically. This book had all the couples from the previous books throughout the entire book. It was great to see how the couples have evolved and what emotional strides they’ve made since each of their stories. It was especially great to see Ben and what he’s putting himself through to be the best man he can be for Marcie.

All in all, I enjoyed it. It was a sexy read, but it has an emotional depth which can be missing in books of this genre. While the sex scenes were plentiful, you never felt like the scenes in between were stuck there simply as filler until the characters could get back into bed (or a tent, a truck, a hot tub…). I was very pleased with this book and feel its a wonderful addition to the Knights of the Boardroom series.

Although I wouldn’t complain if Ms. Hill took us back to the infamous boardroom for some fun. *eyebrow waggle*

Lynda the Guppy
aka Fish with Sticks

Rating: 3.5 Stars