F is for…

…Fundraising and Fun Prizes.

My mother is a big shot muckety-muck in the world of cancer research. She’s an RN and an Administrator, so she works at a major university, and she’s the one in charge making sure trials around the world are getting done, and getting done correctly. Because of that, and because of the fact that both my great aunt and grandmother had breast cancer, our family is a big supporter of the Revlon Run/Walk for Women. There’s one in Los Angeles and one in New York every year, and it’s a worthy cause.

Since it was created in 1993, the Revlon Run/Walk for Women has distributed nearly $55 Million Dollars to cancer research, counseling, as well as outreach programs.

Once again, I’ll be volunteering, as my knees won’t let me walk, but most of my family will be there, and it’s an amazing, incredible event.  Last year I was at the finish lines and there were some amazing moments.

There was a little girl who was pushed the whole way to the stadium in a wheelchair…and then was helped by her mother to walk to the finish line without it.

There were women, men, kids with signs saying they walked for family, friends, etc. who had fought and survived…and wonderful people who walked for those who had fought and lost the battle.

There was a group of three women…one was a sister, one was a daughter, and one was a niece walking for their sister/mother/aunt who had lost her battle against cancer the day before.

There was a women who came through my lane who looked like every single step was a struggle. She was exhausted and still she looked at me, sighed with relief, gave me the biggest smile I’d ever seen and said “I made it.” She was a survivor of two months.

The Revlon Run/Walk is always such an emotional day for me. It’s the most amazing, powerful, heartbreaking, and inspiring event. You cannot comprehend the immense feeling of pride to be a human being that day. And as a volunteer, it feels so wonderful to help support all these amazing women and their families. I spent most of the day laughing through my tears, and I’m doing it all again on Saturday, May 9 here in Los Angeles.

So here’s the carrot…I’m hoping to raise money for this cause. These people do good work, important work, life-saving, life-changing work, and they deserve every penny. I know times are hard for everyone, but every little bit helps. If you go to MY FUNDRAISING PAGE and donate, I’ll put your name in the hat for a drawing for two prizes. Be sure to use my fundraising page. I’m Bib #60514, Team 105. Remember, you can donate securely online, or you can mail in a check (be sure to put my bib number on your check) and ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!

The first…a signed copy of Lisa Scottoline’s newest book “Look Again.”

The second prize…a tote bag with the cover of Look Again on it, and if you’re a knitter, there will be some treats inside.

So please…DONATE!!!! The amount does not matter. You can donate $1 or $100 and I will be THRILLED.  And if you’re in Los Angeles and want to come walk, stop by the registration area and say HI!!!

Lynda the Fundraising Guppy
Aka the Fish With Sticks

C is for…

Columbia Gorge, Oregon. 

These pictures are from my first trip to Oregon right after my best friend Cyn moved there. I still can’t believe she’s not living here in L.A. And damn it, I miss her!

We took a drive through the Columbia Gorge region, and had a great time. These amazing waterfalls are freakishly close to the major highway through the area. 

These last two pictures are from the famous Multnomah Falls

And if you click for the large photo, and look closely, you can see the teeny tiny people standing on the bridge. That should give you an idea of the sheer size of Multnomah Falls. And like so much of Oregon, it’s a beautiful and friendly place. 

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

B is for…

…The Beach. My mom and I took a drive one afternoon up towards Santa Barbara so I could play with my new camera. It was a lot of fun, and I learned that I still have a LOT to learn about the features of my camera. LOL. But it’s a start, and I’m pretty happy with the results, so enjoy!

Lynda the Guppy
Aka The Fish with Sticks
Aka Ansel Guppy

As Promised…


While in Portland for Cyn‘s surgery, we made our annual pilgrimage to pet the Alpacas at Cascade Alpacas. Unfortunately, Tom and Connie weren’t there this time, but their son was, and he was just as friendly as his parents.

The Alpacas were wonderful (as always) and sooo soft and friendly (click for big)…

They refrained from eating Bobblehead Nora (for which I’m grateful!)…

Look! A baby!…

Just taking it easy…

But BOY do they shed! I mean, look at what I found on my clothes when I got home!

On the way back we stopped at a few viewpoints and Bobblehead Nora took in the view…

We THINK this is Mt. St. Helens. We’re not sure, though, because we thought it was Mt. Hood until we turned away from it and in the direction of Portland and we were staring at Mt. Hood. LOLOL…

As we were driving into the sun and any time you put this Guppy in sunshine she channels her inner feline, we pulled over so I could get out and take in some fresh (and COLD!) air at Multnomah Falls…

Then on to Vista House!…

Where Bobblehead Nora once again charmed the locals…

On the way back, we took a weird turn and ended up driving surface streets for a little ways, and discovered Troutdale…

And when we passed through, Cyn insisted we turn back. How could we possibly drive through and not let Nora enjoy the Big Bronze Moose…

And then back to Chez Cyn where we relaxed, I cooked, and we stayed up late, as we had been doing. The next day, though, I headed home to GuppyVille. I really miss having Cyn around where I can see her whenever I want. And I have to say, surgery aside, this is one of the best trips I’ve had up there. We didn’t do a whole lot, but we just relaxed and watched movies and didn’t have a breakneck schedule. And the weather was just about perfect. I think next year an October trip is definitely the way to go.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

Looking Back…

3 years ago today, my cousin Allison and I were just pulling into the parking lot here at Loop Head lighthouse in Ireland…

 Loop Head, Ireland, 2005

…When we heard the news of the bombings in London. And we knew her brother Greg was planning on taking the Chunnel from Paris to London that day and we were trying to decide which was better: calling her parents to wake them in the wee hours of the morning to tell them about the bombings, and knowing that Greg was probably fine? Or wait a little bit, let them sleep a little longer, and risk them turning on the TV to find out themselves?

For what it’s worth, we opted to wake them up, and Greg arrived safely in London later that day.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

A Love Affair with Photoshop

I’ve recently acquired a copy of Photoshop. I. Love. It. I’ve become hooked on Pioneer Woman’s blog, and she posts some really amazing pictures. She periodically posts How-To-Photoshop posts that tell you how to make your photos look like hers. So I’ve been playing around and using her tips as a starting point, and have been editing some of my photos.

I took some of my travel photos and used some Photoshop tricks and here’s what I came up with. On the left are the Straight out of the Camera shots and on the right the same photo, but edited.

As you can see, I went for subtlety for some, and just went wild for others. Either way, it was just plain fun.I love this program.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks