I’m Late! I’m Late!

For a Very Important Date! No time to say “hello” Good bye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!

Well, no, not really, but it’s going to be a Very Close Thing. See, I have deadline knitting on the needles, and it’s all coming due in May.

Due Next Week:

I have a baby sweater I have to finish today so I can give it a wash and light block before I have to gift it Wednesday. It’s worsted so it’ll take a day or two to dry. There should have also been booties and a hat, too, but I doubt I’m going to make it. Well, the booties might make it. Maybe. We’ll see.

I have a Very Large Special Project which needs a lot of work done to it this week. And it’s being gifted on Thursday.

Due May 26:

I have a pair of fair isle mittens (my first colorwork ever) which need to be finished. I’ve knit the first and am about two-thirds of the way done with the second.

At least one cowl (hoping for 2, but it should be 3) out of worsted, but I don’t have a pattern for them. Might be winging this one. How hard could it be? Why are you laughing?

In my fantasy land, I’m also knitting 2 hats. Really. Stop laughing. It’s rude.

A Shaelyn shawl in black which also needs to be washed & blocked so it’s dry by the 26th. I have 1 1/2 more pattern repeats to do.

So the upshot is once I get through next Thursday, if I manage to get everything done I need done by then, I’m in good shape. The mittens will only take a few more days of concentrated knitting, and the Shaelyn is my purse project, so it will move forward steadily. The cowls & hats SHOULD only be about 2-4 days of knitting each, so…*fingers crossed*

And on top of all of this, I have school, appointments, and a number of books to review.

Of COURSE I’m not slipping into Holiday Knitting Delusions. What makes you think that? This is totally doable, right? 




Lynda the Guppy
aka Delusional Guppy

This Never Happens

I have a theory that if I’m working on a project that’s well within my skills and I keep messing it up again and again and again, there’s something that’s just not working. Either the yarn doesn’t want to be whatever it is, or the needle size is too big or too small. But something is wrong. And until I figure out what the problem is, that project will continue to be…problematic.

Not this time.

After listening to Debbie Stoller encourage us to try new things and be fearless with our knitting, and after reading her book and reading about doing cables without a cable needle, I decided to put it to the test and cast on for the Brea Bag (Ravel it!) from Berroco. This is a pattern I’ve wanted to do since I first saw it, and had immediately bought the yarn the pattern called for. For whatever reason, though, I bought 4 skeins of the Ultra Alpaca instead of the 2 suggested by the pattern.

A few years ago was The Great Flood. It basically destroyed the inside of my condo. I lost about a third of my stash in The Great Flood. The reason it wasn’t more was I had bought plastic containers to put my stash in, and most of it was already in there. The stuff that was left was either basic yarns or things I picked up at bag sales, or in the early stages of knitting where I thought ribbon yarn would be FUN! FUN! FUN!

The upshot is: My Ultra Alpaca for this pattern could be anywhere. I have yarn in my garage. Yarn at Chez Guppy. Yarn under my bed. Yarn in bins in my room. Yarn in bags. Yarn in boxes. It could be ANYWHERE. And there’s no guarantee it all survived The Great Flood. I knew at least two skeins had survived, because it was in Ravelry. But did I keep the yarn here at the house? Did I take it back to Chez Guppy? Who knew???

After pondering for a few minutes I figured the best bet were the storage boxes under my bed, but rather than drag them out if I didn’t have to, I went to the bottom drawer in my room, pulled it out, reached in…and put my hand directly on the 2 skeins of Ultra Alpaca I needed.

I immediately cast on and within a few days I had a front and a back knit up. Cabling without a cable needle was No. Problem. easiest thing I ever learned. I started surfing through the Ravelry projects to see if I could find a handle I liked, and I noticed that a bunch of people said they needed to buy an additional skein to finish the bag.


The first two balls I used were still skeined. And I could see by my Ravelry stash page that I had at least one more skein that was a cake. Hmm…Could I find it? If I could, I could knit the cabled strap I wanted with no worries.

Went back to the bottom drawer, reached in…and put my hand on the cake of yarn.

That NEVER happens. Projects going this easily never happens. Finding 4-year-old yarn in 10 seconds never happens. Learning a new skill right off the bat and performing it so well that I then did it on my lace shawl with absolute confidence? That CERTAINLY never happens.

I’m now slowly working on the gusset. It’s my purse project (ha ha!), so it’s not getting a whole lot of attention, but enough that it keeps growing at a decent rate. Pictures and more later.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

It’s a shame, really

My pal Rainy had a brilliant idea. A “Basket O’ Shame-along.” We list all our languishing unfinished objects and work on finishing them before the end of the year. I decided to take mine a bit further and include ALL my unfinished objects as of today.

After the Great Flood, and trying to get reconstruction started, etc., I’m really trying to buy less yarn. I’ve been fairly successful. I splurged on my birthday trip, but other than that, the only yarn I’ve bought has been for specific projects.

All project links will go to my Ravelry page, but here goes. And remember, it’s for posterity’s sake, so [I’ll] be honest.

Harry Potter Bookscarves.  I knit a number of these to give to my family and friends for when the last Harry Potter book came out. Yeah, that was July of 2007. I got only one or two finished. They’re all knit, I just need to seam them up and add the fringe. Now, part of the delay was that I, um, *cough* lost them. But the good news is they’re found, and I have them sitting here waiting patiently to be seamed. 

Next up: My most embarssing WIP. My “Christmas Shawl.” This was the second item I ever started knitting. I’ve been knitting since September of 2005, and that’s about when I started it. I still love it, and love the feel of it (Berocco Softwist and Crystal F/X held together), but I’ve never gotten the shape to work right. It’s a Berocco booklet pattern originally written for Suede, and I was too new a knitter to realize the difference in gauge would effect the shape so dramatically. I’m still not real happy with it, so I may rip it out and use it for something else. Or start a different shape. I have a ton of both yarns, as my friend Marilyn bought it for me as a present, knowing I was pretty broke at the time and that buying all that yarn would be slow going. LOL. 

And we continue our Shameful Journey with my Lady Eleanor. I started it back in 2006, and that October I decided to knit my mom’s Eleanor for Christmas, and I did it, (although not without a bit of drama. LOL) but I burned myself out on the pattern. I still love the pattern, and still want to knit it, but I’m starting to not like the colors. After working on mom’s which practically glows, mine seems cold and lifeless. And because I’m not sure what I want to do, I’ve done nothing. And for me that’s a sure sign that there’s something wrong with the project.

Now for the Booga Bag. This is one of those projects I have absolutely no excuse for not finishing. It’s been completely knit, including the 10 feet of i-cord. The only thing stopping it from being completely finished? I need to felt it. That’s it! *sigh* Shameful.

Here’s a baby sweater I started for someone. It’s absolutely adorable. It has these great stripes, this neat little color twist on the trim, wonderful colors, soft yarn. And I hate it.  Absolutely hate it. The yarn is a nylon/acrylic blend that feels wonderful, but there are a million ends to weave in, and because there’s no wool, those pesky little buggers won’t stay put, and I hate the way it looks. Not to mention, I don’t think it’ll hold up to an active baby. So I’ll finish it, and eventually do something with it, but I’ve cast on for different sweater using 220 Superwash, and I’m much happier. Too bad, really, because this is a charming sweater. 

And then there are the shawls…

Diamond Fantasy Shawl. Loving this, but it’s slow going, as I need to really pay attention so I don’t screw it up.

Mystery Stole 4. I think I’m going to rip this out. I love the bottom of this shawl, but don’t like the rest of the pattern. 

Icarus. I love this shawl and have been working on it pretty regularly. It’s on a brief hiatus until I can get the second ball of yarn wound.

And now for the Parade of Scarves…

The Ruffled Edges scarf

The Lacy Rib Scarf…

The Short-Row Rib Scarf…

The Swirl Scarf…

And I think that’s it. At least, I HOPE that’s it, because it’s an awful lot of unfinished objects. 

Wish me luck.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks 

Peacocks and Lace

I need help. I’m trying to find a lace shawl pattern to use with the Malabrigo laceweight yarn I bought a couple weeks ago. I don’t want anything superfine or delicate, because the yarn is kind of rustic and sturdy. After many MANY hours scouring through that time suck called Ravelry, I came up with a few options.

Leading the pack right now is the Peacock Feathers Shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting with this yarn…

So…what do you think?

Anyone have any other suggestions?

The Guppy
aka The Fish with Sticks