Count on Me, Lauren Dane

This is only the second book this year I’ve rated as 5 Stars. And my review will be an entirely unprofessional fangirl missive spelling out how much I LOVED this book. If you’re looking for something more critical or objective, you’re in the wrong place. You’ve been warned.

To get a 5-star review from me, a book needs to really stay with me. It needs to be something that when I finish the last page, I just can’t let it go. I’ll find myself reading bits and pieces (and sometimes the entire thing) over the next few days. Count on Me by Lauren Dane was one of those books.

To start with, I love the Petal, Georgia books. Yes, even the freebies. I’m a huge fan of the Chase Brothers books, too, and reread all these books a lot. But above all, I’m absolutely head over heels in love with Edward Chase. Edward and his wife Polly are the parents of all the Chase brothers, and they are amazing. Polly is sweet and generous and has a heart as big as the ocean, but lord help you if you mess with someone she considers HERS. She will cut you and walk away before your body falls to the ground. And Edward….Oh, Edward. He’s an amazing father who raised his boys to be strong, decent, hard-working men. By loving Polly the way he does, he showed them all how a real man treats a woman. He’s also a loving, generous father in law. One who treasures his sons’ wives as if they were his own daughters, for in his heart, I believe they are. And all this goes for all their extended family, too. I’ve mentioned Polly’s big heart, right? She’s adopted quite a family, and Edward just smiles and adds more tables to the chaos in the backyard.

Okay, now onto the rest of the book.

Count on Me opens when Caroline Mendoza walks into the Law Offices of Chase and Chase. This is the law firm Edward owns with his brother. They’re interviewing Caroline to come on board as a Criminal Defense attorney. Of course she gets hired, and quickly meets Royal Watson while grocery shopping. Royal is a farmer who knew Caroline when they were in school before she moved away. He also used to date Anne Murphy, so we’ve seen him in the last few Petal books. His relationship with Anne ended a while back, so we know Royal and Caroline aren’t in danger of being a rebound relationship.

I love Royal. And I love Caroline. And I especially love Royal and Caroline together. They’re a classic Lauren Dane couple: Smart, successful, and sexy. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it.

In this case, all the tension in this relationship comes from the outside. That’s my favorite kind of story. I love it when it’s an “us against the world” book. Caroline is trying to clear her father’s name. Her father died in prison for killing her mom, and she never believed it, and there was too much not investigated or proved for him to have been the killer. Of course she’s right, and the real killer is still out there and NOT HAPPY she’s stirring things up.

On Royal’s end, Anne turns into the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She doesn’t want Royal, but she doesn’t want Caroline to have him either. Anne does, actually, see the crazy in herself and sorts herself out, but it takes a while. She pulls a stunt about halfway through the book which Caroline handles with a lot more poise and grace and eloquence than I ever could. I’m afraid I’d become the hair pulling stereotype.

And then there’s Caroline’s grandparents and various other factions. Oy. There is no shortage of outside drama in this book. But it’s okay, because Caroline and Royal can face anything as long as they have each other.

This book had everything I love in one book. Caroline and Royal were an awesome couple who knew each other’s flaws and foibles and didn’t care. They loved each other and were there for each other totally and completely. We had more Edward than we’d seen in previous books, and since I’m a fool for Edward, I was one happy guppy. Finally, there was an amazing cat who had so many of my own cat’s traits I began to wonder if Ms. Dane had been spying on Rani.

It took me nearly a week after reading this book to move on to something else. It was amazing and wonderful and emotional and I can’t even tell you how much I loved it. Ms. Dane even listed her playlist in the front of the book, and I loved Count on Me so much I went and bought the few songs on that list I didn’t already have.

And now every time Luke Bryan’s Shut it Down comes on, I grin and think of Caroline and Royal.

So thank you, Lauren Dane. This book now has a permanent place on top of my “Favorites” pile.

I may need to go reread this book right now. In the meantime….*hits PLAY*

Shut it down
Lotta work left to do, the sun’s still out
Any hay to make can wait for now
Take it on in the house
Shut it down

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fishy Fangirl
aka The Fish With Sticks

Rating: 5 Stars


Baby, It’s Cold Outside, HelenKay Dimon

If I can admit to liking Air Supply, I can admit to loving this book, right? This book reminded me of a lot of the early Harlequin Presents with the asshole boss who accuses the secretary of stealing and doesn’t listen. In fact, at the beginning of the book I was flashing back to a classic: Judith McNaught’s Double Standards. At the end when Nick…Well, I won’t spoil either book. However, with Baby, It’s Cold Outside, the secretary wasn’t a shy virgin and the asshole hero wasn’t always an asshole, and you never feel like at some point the cops are going to need to be called to protect the heroine from the hero.

My biggest complaint with this book is Linc doesn’t do NEARLY enough groveling. I know. I know. I’m a Grovel Slut, and there’s never enough to suit me, but what Linc does to Thea was pretty bad, and I don’t think he fully realizes HOW bad it was. Yeah, he had reasons, but he still handled the situation completely wrong and I felt he needed to recognize it. And learning about his childhood, while it made me sympathetic towards him, wasn’t enough to make up for him not crawling for Thea. I’m hoping we get Chelsea’s book, because there’s a backstory there I’m really interested in learning more about.

Thea for her part forgives him a little too easily. There were several points in the book where I would have had Linc physically removed if any guy behaved the way he did. Since we got glimpses into this temper and backbone Thea supposedly has, I would have liked to have seen more of it.

Basically, I just wanted this to be a full-length book. LOL. I think it would have done much better in a longer format. And possibly even more grovel.

All that said, I still really enjoyed it. And the opening scene was pretty damn hot.

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish With Grovel Issues
aka The Fish With Sticks

Rating: 3.5