Untouched, Maisey Yates

The Silver Creek series are the first books I’ve read by Maisey Yates. I’ll be coming back for more.

Untouched is the 2nd book in the Silver Creek series, (although there was a short story first). In this book Lark, little sister to Cole and Cade, goes to work for the man everyone believes caused the “accident” which took Cade’s rodeo career and nearly his life. Of course Lark doesn’t realize this until she shows up, and in the best tradition of romance, Quinn Parker schemes and plots to get back at Cade for falsely accusing him and getting Quinn banned from rodeo competition for life.

This was a good read. I felt really invested in Lark and watching her grow up and stretch her wings a bit. In a book where she’s constantly complaining everyone treats her like a kid (and they do), I liked seeing her as the only one really acting mature, about both her profession and her relationship with Quinn. She sees past Quinn’s persona to see the real, sad little boy inside who is afraid to get hurt again, and does what she can to show him how much she cares, but she does it without giving ultimatums or throwing tantrums.

For Quinn’s part, he sees Lark as young, sure, but never as a child. He treats her as an adult who can make up her own mind. At one point she comes to him obviously upset and asks him for something. While his internal dialogue tells us he’s aware of how upset she is, Quinn doesn’t assume Lark doesn’t know what she’s asking. Which is more than can be said for Cole and Cade. Quinn and Lark are honest with each other about what is going on with Quinn’s rodeo career (and Cade’s involvement) and also their expectations of their relationship.

There’s a subplot with Sam and Jill from Quinn’s ranch which was unexpected, but I liked it. I thought Sam was pretty sexy and it was interesting to see these two relationships play out side by side. I though the resolution with the boy Jake seemed a little too simple.

One of my favorite bits about this series: Ms. Yates does Grovel VERY well. Both Sam and Quinn have to grovel and while I don’t believe you can ever have TOO MUCH grovel, the amount of grovel in this book was satisfactory. Quinn even does it in front of–well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out.

Of all the characters in this series, Cade is the one who is the most intriguing to me, and I can’t wait for his book. A damaged hero? A friends-to-lovers story? A heroine with her own problems and a mysterious man out to hurt Cade? Where do I sign up?

Lynda the Guppy
aka The Fish Who Loves Grovel
aka The Fish With Sticks

RATING: 3. 5 Stars