Razed, Shiloh Walker

I loved Razed. I loved Zane and how he was with Keelie. And Keelie was absolutely NOT what I was expecting based on her behavior in Wrecked.

We met Zane and Keelie in Wrecked. Zane has always been interested in Keelie who thought she was in love with Zach who has always loved Abbie who was totally oblivious to it all. Confused? Don’t be. Zach is both Zane’s brother and Keelie’s business partner. Unfortunately things are strained between Keelie and Zach right now because she kissed ¬†caused a lot of upset between him and Abbie in Wrecked.

So now Abbie and Zach are finally married and she has realized she was using Zach as a way to keep men away, so now she’s looking and she finally sees Zane.

One of my favorite tropes is friends to lovers, and this series is so far 2 for 2. Zane and Keelie have known each other for several years already, but they’re still finding their way as a couple. Zane is in the process of moving his life to Tuscon so he can be closer to Keelie (and Zach and Abbie). Keelie, in the meantime, is picking up more responsibility at the tattoo shop to help lighten Zach’s load.¬†How do they turn the friendship they have into a relationship? Does Keelie even WANT a relationship? How can Zane get her into one without her noticing?

He does, and quite well. I loved seeing how settled Zane was and how patient. He knew what Keelie needed and did his best to give it to her in ways that supported her without the reader feeling like he was sacrificing everything for her. Keelie for her part was always honest with him, with her fears and her needs as far as their relationship went. Even when she didn’t want to tell him something, she would say it straight out instead of trying to lie or prevaricate. And it doesn’t hurt that Ms. Walker knows how to write some smoking hot sex.

I’m looking forward to the next book which is Trey’s. Looks like a tortured hero AND a small child. Shiloh Walker just gets me.

Rating: 4 Stars

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