Be Fearless!

One of the things I hear people say a lot about knitting* is “Oh, I could NEVER do that” or “That’s WAY too hard” or “I’m not nearly as smart/good/clever as you. I could never knit like that.”

What a crock of bull.

We knitters are not knitting because we expect to churn out store-quality items. Our stuff has mistakes unintentional anomalies personal design choices, and, really, we like it better that way. It assures us that all our projects are different. Even if 200 people choose the same pattern, all our projects will look different. Maybe we made it bigger or smaller or fuzzy or striped or random. Whatever we choose, we all choose to knit because it fulfills something within each of us.

As important as knitting is in my life, as much as I love it, as much as it challenges me and satisfies me, it is NOT rocket science. Nor is it brain surgery, or anything else where someone will die if I don’t finish this row of lace correctly. If I use the crochet hook method to attach beads instead of pre-stringing, I’m not going to be burned at the stake.

THERE ARE NO KNITTING POLICE. I swear. They don’t exist. If they did, I would have been locked up with the key thrown away YEARS ago.

Therefore, when people say they’re afraid of learning something new or taking a risk, I just don’t understand it. What’s the worst that will happen? You have to rip it out. Seriously? My first sock, I ripped out every day for two WEEKS. You know what happened? Absolutely nothing. Well, other than learning I don’t like knitting socks. LOL And there are a lot of ways to start a toe. The building didn’t collapse. The yarn didn’t explode because I ripped it out X many times. Was it pretty? Umm…No. It was so Fugly it made the Yarn Harlot’s blog. (She very politely suggested I had gauge issues). It WAS, however, a sock.

If you look at something and decide it’s not for you or you just don’t want to try because you don’t like it, that’s one thing. Knitter’s Choice. But to not knit something because you think you can’t is, in my opinion, silly. Of course you can. All you need to do is find a good place to learn, whether that’s your local yarn store, your knitting group, YouTube, whatever. My knitting group is a big fan of the Debbie Stoller Stitch ‘N Bitch books. Every time we need to learn something, we almost always find it in one of those.

So the next time you’re faced with something in knitting which challenges you, TAKE THE RISK! And if you don’t like it/don’t get it/don’t want to do it, then rip it out and do something else.


The world won’t end.

I promise.

Lynda the Guppy
aka Fearless Knitter Guppy
aka The Fish With Sticks

*Every time I say “Knit”, “Knitter”, or “Knitting”, feel free to read it as “Crochet”, “Crocheter”, or “Crocheting.” Don’t want to be accused of being monofiberphobic.

A Very Harlot Adventure (again) (#6 of 30)

Way back in 2007 the Yarn Harlot came for a visit. Years later in 2010 my knitting group The Yarnivores were sitting around talking about her and her last visit when it came out that three of us had been “Harlotted“! Robin, Wendy and I are all on there. Robin is the first of the First Sock Knitters, mine had some gauge problems, and Wendy was Hat Lady #2.

At the time, I barely knew Wendy. I had been going to “our” group for only a little while and because I kept confusing her with someone else, I couldn’t remember her name that day. Still feel guilty about that. LOL

Robin didn’t come to the Yarnivores until 2010. It cracks me up looking at Robin’s picture from back then. She had long blonde hair. It’s now in a short bob and hot pink! VERY! HOT! PINK! Looks great on her, but since I’ve never known her with long hair, so the blonde looks fake. LOL.

This year, Wendy went with us, as did Linda-With-An-I and Alyson (known as Knitting Alyson, not to be confused with Cousin Allison). Two friends from another knitting group, Barbra and Heather, met up with us and we all sat together. Thankfully we got there early! Barbra got there about 3:45 and most of the seats that were out were already taken, so she snagged what she could, and then when I got there at 4:00 they were putting more chairs out, so we grabbed a couple more. There were A LOT of people there.

This time we were “Harlotted” as a group (Alyson, Heather, Barbra, and I are in the front row with Linda and Wendy peeking out on either side of me from the second row) and Linda got singled out, as she brought her “third first sock.” Stephanie debated if she was going to get invested in the Third First Sock adventure, but Linda promised this time she’d finish. I reminded Linda that if she DIDN’T finish there would probably be some public mocking. So I’ll keep you posted. 

Here are a few pictures. First up, The Sweater. The Sweater that Caught on Fire. LOL Probably the most blogged sweater in all the land…

Here a better picture. She’s reading us bits from the book. And let me just say that at one point I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold the camera steady. Barbra and I were both in tears from laughing, and we’re TOTALLY going to steal some of her responses to Silly Muggle Questions (see the chapter titled “Personal Filters”).

Finally, here I am with Stephanie. Even blurred, it’s still a much better picture than the one from last time. LOL.

I’m wearing my Aestlight Shawl over one shoulder. I got a LOT of comments on my shawl, and there was a woman there who had knit it in a single variegated yarn, and it looked TOTALLY different. I got the idea for the two-tones from Laura’s Aestlight, so I went looking for other 2-color Aestlights and found a way to do it that made the most of the leftover yarns I was using. 

After The Yarn Harlot, we all went out for some really excellent Indian food, and then stumbled home. 

Lynda the Guppy
aka Fish With Sticks
aka Twice Harlotted